Permit Issue in CPT

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Permit Issue in CPT

Postby Doepie » Tue Feb 19, 2019 8:09 am

My 12 year old daughter has 2 corn snakes she rescued from people not wanting them and then a BCI Boa and a Ball python which people simply neglected and gave away. Shes (and me!) very passionate about snakes and with daddys help and substantial investment in equipment... All snakes are now in very good health, well looked after and husbandry is on point. When we got these snakes we were not too clued up on permit issues and the people we took the snakes from did not bother to ask either. We have no idea where any of these people are in the world now and dont have contact with them at all.
I have learned that CPT is also much more stricter wrt permits than other provinces. In the mean time we obviously learnt a lot and want to do the right thing and get the required captivity permits for them as is required in CPT. The problem i have now is for none of these snakes I got a transport permit. In my research about this i found some horror stories of peoples snakes being confiscated due to not having correct permits etc. It appears that if i apply for a captivity permit NOW, (after having snakes for 3 years), they may still confiscate as well as give me a hefty fine, as i never even got the transport permits, and that info pertaining the transport permit and the previous owner is required when applying for a captivity permit. I cant afford my daighter to lose her babies she will be absolutely shattered, so my question is do you know of any loophole or workaround to obtain the permits? I want to do the right thing for all the snakes and get legal permits as to not run into trouble later on. What would you advise i do? Will we lose our babies? Im seriously worried now and we really dont want to lose them.

Thank you for your time!
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Re: Permit Issue in CPT

Postby Pythonodipsas » Sat Feb 23, 2019 3:32 pm

Hi Doep,

I am from KZN and not too well versed in CT legislation but I have heard from several sources that they are quick, relatively fair and efficient. I suggest you write to (or email) Cape Nature and tell them your whole story as you told here. You had rescued unwanted snakes some years ago and only recently learned that you require permits. Ask them for permits. They will probably be quite impressed that you are honest and wanting to keep within the law.

Once you have a record of your application, no one can just come confiscate your snakes (You can show them you applied for permits),


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