Breeding Profile Group 4 (High Orange)

Breeding Profile Group 4 (High Orange)

Postby Snakesitter » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:47 pm

Welcome to Profile 4 of 9 for Living Gems’ 2016 breeding season. Our fourth group pairs DuVall with Nephrite in search of high orange babies.

DuVall, a stunning orange July 2010 male, is named for a French highwayman known for his charm with the ladies. He has a penchant for exploring, and is known for making mad dashes for the enclosure door so he can see the world (or, at least, the rest of the reptile room). Despite his winsome name, glowing orange color, and total enthusiasm, he struck out last year with the Ice Queen. Here he is as of November 2015:
As of his pre-breeding weigh-in, he measured 1937 grams.

Nephrite, a medium orange July 2010 female, is known for her easygoing ways. Her half-sister Jadeite is also a breeder this year. The two show interesting differences in personality: whereas Nephrite is casual about handling, Jadeite will make absolutely sure she has a death grip on you. That aside, like her sister, Neph is a friendly, inquisitive snake. This will mark her second breeding season with us. Here she is as of July 2015:
As of her pre-breeding weigh-in, she measured 2296 grams.

If you like what you see, and want first dibs at any babies, you can sign up for the LGR Wait List here

As always, thank you for reading.
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