Breeding Profile Group 5 (Dark Red)

Breeding Profile Group 5 (Dark Red)

Postby Snakesitter » Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:26 pm

Welcome to Profile 5 of 9 for Living Gems’ 2016 breeding season. Our fifth group pairs Kilimanjaro with both Sodalite and Uvarovite in search of dark red babies…lots and lots of dark red babies.

Kilimanjaro, a dark red male from our September 2011 Hills-Alexandrite pairing, was named after one of the tallest mountains in the world, in honor of his father, who was named after the famous mountaineer Sir Edmund Percival Hillary. The name also fit his baby personality, which was a bit on the volcanic side ;-)…though he has long since calmed down. Here he is as of January 2015:
As of his pre-breeding weigh-in, he measured 2083 grams.

Sodalite, a September 2010 dark red female, was our first pickup of her color group. She was impressive enough that the breeder told me that she and a sister he was holding back may have been the best dark reds he ever produced. Here she is as of September 2015:
As of her pre-breeding weigh-in, she measured 2399 grams.

Uvarovite, an October 2010 dark red female, is sister to the tiny Ericthonious. One of our largest females, it’s as if she sucked up the energy he should have used for growth and kept it for herself. Her size gives her “weight” in more ways than one: on her first night of the breeding season, she promptly evicted both of her cagemates from the hide and claimed it for herself. That said, she is an unfailingly friendly snake who is always happy to have a human open her door. Here she is as of October 2015:
As of her pre-breeding weigh-in, she measured 2615 grams.

If you like what you see, and want first dibs at any babies, you can sign up for the LGR Wait List here

As always, thank you for reading.
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