Rainbow Babies!!!

Rainbow Babies!!!

Postby Snakesitter » Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:10 pm

On Monday, August 15, Living Gems was pleased to welcome the DuVall-Nephrite litter to this world. Mom delivered a large litter of 19 little nippers, who spent the morning and afternoon eagerly exploring their new world.

Dad DuVall is an orange stunner that traces his bloodline back to 50% Howard Leong stock:
DuVall is a first-time dad, and seemed rather unimpressed when I told him the good news.

Mom Nephrite is a solid orange girl from a local breeder:
Her last litter numbered 16, of which only 12 made it, so this is a solid upgrade.

The enclosure looked like this when I found the little ones:
And, a bit later (note the baby at the back):

Here a few baby closeups:

(Fascinating factoid: Nephrite’s gravid period was *exactly* the same length as her last breeding at 107 days. Moreover, her post ovulation shed and delivery date were both off by only a single day from last time. The award for consistency goes to….)

Congrats to the parents for a job well done.

Thank you for reading,
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