BRANCH: Dwarf adders of the Bitis cornuta-inornata-complex

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BRANCH: Dwarf adders of the Bitis cornuta-inornata-complex

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JOGER, U. (Ed.): Phylogeny and Systematics of the Viperidae
Kaupia, 8: 1-148:


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Wüster, W., M.da GRACA SALOMAO, G.J. DUCKETT, R.S. THORPE & BBBSP (1999): Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of the Bothrops atrox species complex (Squamata: Serpentes: Viperidae). pp. 135-144

Mebs, D. (1999): Snake venom composition and evolution of Viperidae. pp. 145-148

One of the standard works on the systematics of Viperids, with first description of the sub-genus Keniabitis and Montivipera, the subspecies Cerastes cersates hoofieni and Cerastes gasperettii mendelsohni, or for example with the very detailed report on the south african dwarf adders of the Bitis cornuta-inornata complex.

Run out of remnants, absolutely new.

Only one more copy of this book can be brought to South Africa. No mailing! Meeting in Cape Town, Mosselbay and the surrounding area, or on the way to Springbok, Kgalagadi possible. Everything else via PM

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