Hello, suggestions for trip to SA/Madagsacar

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Hello, suggestions for trip to SA/Madagsacar

Postby Vpanoptes1 » Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:14 pm

Hello everyone -
I'm new to the forum and hope to find the answers to some questions here. I am an American, not a herpetoculturist, but was trained as as an evolutionary ecologist and now make a living as a teacher. I am hoping to visit Madagascar & S. Africa over our summer vacation (May-July) for the primary purpose of photographing some of the reptiles and amphibians there, and other wildlife and habitats as tine allows. Here are my questions:

1. Timing: Looking at the long-term weather for SA, it (temperature) seems a bit "iffy" for a visit during June/July in relation to herp activity. There is a possibility that I could change my plans to July/early August. Same for Madagascar. Comments/suggestions?

2. Areas to plan for: All of Madagascar seems of significant interest, but are there particular spots to try and visit? Similarly for S. Africa.

3. Travel mode: Planning on renting a vehicle + driver in Madagascar, self driving in SA. Hoping to camp most of the time (on a fixed budget). Suggestions/comments?

Thanks in advance for your help.

- Dan
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