Ground Gecko twitching/shaking violently

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Ground Gecko twitching/shaking violently

Postby evilsheep » Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:14 pm

Hey Guys,

A week ago I noticed that my male ground gecko was not walking properly on his back feet - it seemed as if his legs were working fine but he could not move his feet properly. I took him to a local vet that evening but he did not have any idea what the problem was. While at the vet he started shaking and twitching quite violently, for part of the time he his tongue was sticking out his mouth. He went from being completely still to twitching violently and still again, over and over.I made an appointment with a reptile vet for the next morning, but unfortunately by the morning he had passed away. My female appeared absolutely fine and continued to eat as normal. Yesterday I noticed that she started to twitch just like the male did before he died, except that she can move perfectly fine - her legs are working as normal. It started with her tail twitching a little, and then her head twitching and now full convulsions. But with her it seems as if she is oblivious to it, she still moves around as normal. She is still alive but I am seeing the same signs as I did with the male before he passed away.

Now I'm not sure if this is because of something that I've done (or not done). I have had these geckos for just under a year now - I bought them as sub-adults. I have kept them on a combination of excavator sand and exo-terra sand with various tunnels in the tank. One side of the tank has a heat lamp which shines over a black rock under which they spent most of their time. I spray the glass every second day and spray them as well to make sure they are drinking, and give them calcium dusted crickets every other day. They seem to have been perfectly fine this entire time until last week when I noticed that the male was having a problem with his back legs.

I have been spraying the tank every few hours to make sure she has enough water to drink (I believe they don't really drink from water bowls). I also mixed some calcium powder into the water and sprayed the tank with that in case it is some sort of calcium deficit. Her bones seem to be solid and I haven't noticed any other disparities up until this time. Does anybody have any idea what this may be because of? And why both geckos seem to be affected by it so suddenly? I read an earlier post about a twitching gecko and the problem was solved by treating with introboost. Should I give that a try? I will be taking her to a reptile vet as soon as possible, but I wonder if anybody here has an idea of what this could be caused by, and what I can do in the mean time?

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Re: Ground Gecko twitching/shaking violently

Postby Fooble » Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:36 pm

Not sure mixing the calcium in the water will do much that is not apparent with a deficiency of calcium.
Biggest question is what have you been feeding them i think the root of your problem MAY be diet.

Intraboost is GREAT i have used other rehydrating products ( basic electrolytes) to resolve the problems in the past to fix very similar issues.
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