Don't know what to do anymore

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Re: Don't know what to do anymore

Postby munnik » Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:48 am

So I decreased the height of my cage and got the 260W panel heater ( viewtopic.php?f=95&t=21958 ), which is now mounted against the roof of the warm side (it takes up a little less than a third of the cage's length). I have also put in a screen and a thermostat.

My cage setup is now as follows:
2.00m (L) x 0.6m (H) x 0.6m (W)
Warm side: 2 x 20W heat pads + 260W panel heater on roof
Warm side temp: 29*C (runs at 32*C without thermostat)
Cool side: No pads etc
Cool side temp: 19*C

Is the 19*C on the cool side still too low. Will the boa not move across to the warm side if he needs heat?
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Re: Don't know what to do anymore

Postby rolandslf » Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:22 am

Personally, I would get the warm side up to 30c and the cool side up to 22c.
I know that to us 8c is of no consequence, but I assure you that it will matter to your Boa.
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