Snake/Reptile Removals: Grahamstown area

Found a snake in your garden? Need someone to remove it? Here is a list of people who put their lives at risk to save snakes, and remove them unharmed. Please do not prank them. They are there to help you.

Snake/Reptile Removals: Grahamstown area

Postby JeffG » Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:35 pm

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would let you guys know my Catch and Release permit came through today, so I am available for call-outs in the Grahamstown area. I am a student with a car so have time and transport for call-outs most of the time. I am not looking for any financial gain out of this, it is purely to remain involved with/help reptiles now that I am no longer able to maintain a private collection as I am staying in a residence.

Thanks all,
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