GoFundMe on faceboook...

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GoFundMe on faceboook...

Postby Bernice » Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:55 pm

Hi there!
I have started a GoFundMe on the GoFundMeSA page on facebook... Please go have a look, support or share please...
Story also below

Sasha was found as an abandoned 8 week old pup, roaming the streets, we took her in, and she grew into a MONSTER 38kg dog with a big heart, and bigger problems...
Sasha has severe hip dysplasia, a genetic malformation of the hip joints that cause pain and limit movement. She has already had one failed surgery, our vet has suggested euthanasia, because the next surgery is a hip replacement, big and expensive... R40 000 expensive, as a teacher starting out, I cant afford this... her condition will deteriorate without replacing at least one of her hips, and eventually I will have to euthanize her as she will be incapable of walking...
This is why I'm posting this here, I hope some of you fantastic interwebs people can help me, Ive started a GoFundMe for Sasha, it is on the Gofundmesa Facebook page, they have just gotten up and running in South Africa and the bank account has just been opened, I am unabashedly begging... R1, 50c, I dont care, if you can help me out, I will be forever grateful to you all! if you cant give, share, spread her story to others, maybe they can help... please.

Please support or share URL: https://www.facebook.com/gofundmeSA/?pnref=story
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