Health insurance/Hospital plan in case of snake bite

This section will help you get first aid treatment protocols incase of an envenomation. This includes indigenous and exotic reptiles. Please do not use this forum for photo sharing, etc.

Re: Health insurance/Hospital plan in case of snake bite

Postby Sico » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:57 am

I'm a Firefighter/Advanced Life Support Paramedic/Flight Paramedic (not always flying in the most airworthy of aircraft either Unfortunately) and I ride a Bike... I also work in conflict zones and extreme rural environements when required, but they had no problem with that, so I cannot see how they can refuse to cover you... (my Life insurance premiums omn the other hand are astronomically high!! :( ) Are you self employed or working for a company? Because if you are, put yourself, or make sure you are put onto the Workmans Compensation Somission Register, pay the small monthly/annual fee and that will cover you extensively in the event of a "work accident"
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Re: Health insurance/Hospital plan in case of snake bite

Postby Bjorn » Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:45 am

Yeah you should be an insurers worst nightmare. LOL

I am self employed and struggling but loving my job for obvious reasons. I think your on the right track and I thank you for all the guidance :smt023 . I am going to look into that option.
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