South African snakes with venoms that are not considered to be medically important.

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Postby CuriousCat » Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:04 pm

Hi All,

I have noticed an adult Herald in our yard a few times recently - it appears to be a bit of a lazy snake as you can walk right up to it and it very slowly moves to whereever it is that it ants to go - anyway we have been finding babies in ou yard unfortunately one went to our pool which is salt chlorinated, so it was dead when we found it, but yesterday I caught another two babies and took them to the river next to our house where I released them (not into the river - on the grassy verge :) ). My question is do you get white and red lipped heralds from the same clutch of eggs as these were one of each and the white lipped was pretty much like the adult (lazy & calm) and the red lipped was cheeky?
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