terarapins stuck in pool

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terarapins stuck in pool

Postby captin_crash » Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:32 pm

I go to a farm in Magalisberg and there is a large pool that's very deep and mostly empty there is a part of the pool where you can see the concrete and this weekend I have found 2 dead terrapins (I'm amusing terrapins because they mostly in the water and they must have walked there) and 3 live ones that I can count they disappear under that water damn quick when they see me coming.

what do these guys eat because they have been there for a long time because last time I was there 2 years ago I saw 1 in that pool?

And do you guys think I should move them out or try to do something because if they dying in there I don't want them suffering?
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Re: terarapins stuck in pool

Postby nvlooi » Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:08 pm

It is well known that terrapins will travel great distances in search of water.

If there is no way out for them rather remove them from the pool to the 'closest' permanent water source.
If possible to prevent this from happening by construct a barrier around the pool, something as simple as meshing the area around the pool will work fairly effectively.

Funny you haven't found any other reptiles in the pool, or have you?

Good luck

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Re: terarapins stuck in pool

Postby Bushviper » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:09 am

The terrapins cannot climb out of a concrete pool. They have possibly starved to death. I have a single one in a pool and he gets at least two rats or mice every week as well as the frogs we have introduced into the pool which he snacks on as well.

If the water is not that deep you can use a net and just scoop them out. You can also walk in the water (depending on how clean it is) and just grab them. Release them anywhere where there is permanent water nearby.
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