need help with 5 month old babie rtbs

need help with 5 month old babie rtbs

Postby J69ER » Mon May 26, 2014 4:30 pm

I have 2 5month old red tail boas and they both have cut like marks on their bellys +- 1 - 2 cm long but its not deep , like on the scales and the female's belly skin is a dull milky colour :smt017 , is this a sign of shedding ? They feed like beasts on jumpers and they have pinkish markings around the face
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Re: need help with 5 month old babie rtbs

Postby Tyronen » Mon May 26, 2014 6:32 pm

Hi, a picture of the cuts would help. What is the position of the cut? Young snakes will still have an Umbilical cord mark "cut" towards the tail end in the middle of the belly. If this is the case, you have nothing to worry about, it's normal just like your belly button. This will normally reduce with age.

The milky colour is a sure sign of going into shed, best thing is to just leave her be until she sheds and make sure your humidity is adequate (around 60-65% should be fine) to ensure a perfect shed. Once she sheds, inspect the skin and make sure the eye caps came off along with the shed.
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