Juvenile female Boa seems weak

Juvenile female Boa seems weak

Postby WitBoer » Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:59 pm

Hi All
I bought a 7 month old female Boa on Saturday.
Apart from seeming a little thin, she looks in good health. She ate a rat pup immediately once I arrived home with her.
However, she seems a little, weak/ lethargic
She is very aggitated and aggressive (which is understandable since I bought her direct from a breeder and she wasnt handled at all) and strikes at me constantly, but it just seems to me like she does not have alot of strength.
She stays in one place in her cage and although I have a branch in her cage she has not once tried to climb it.
My previous boa was all over the cage the first time I placed her in there, this one just stays in one spot...
Am I just being paranoid or should I be concerned?
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Re: Juvenile female Boa seems weak

Postby TheVetNurse » Tue Oct 02, 2018 3:35 pm

She sounds quiet stressed. What is your set up like?
She should have a few hiding spots that she can take refuge in and maybe leave her be for a week to allow her to settle in and then slowly introduce her to human contact.
If you are worried then rather take her in, Onderstepoort Exotics is most likely your best bet.
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