Lacerta lepida - Green eyed lizard / Jewelled Lacerta

Lacerta lepida - Green eyed lizard / Jewelled Lacerta

Postby warbot » Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:45 am

Hi I want to know if anyone here keeps these, I have 2 pairs.

I received this last weekend on my way back from Limpopo and picked them up for a good price, and my girlfriend wanted them but I had to take all 4 etc...

Anyway, I want to know what care sheets there are because I have googled it but some info is the same but not all and it differs according to location, I am looking for a list of diet fruits for these animals what I know is that they can eat
Banana, Strawberries, Apple, Peaches, Mangoes.

Insects they only take crickets and mealworms, tried silk worms and pinky mice it just licks them but doesn’t eat it, I am only talking about the male, and my female is very skittish I am not sure that she is eating, but she looks healthy so I assume she does during the day but I have no concrete evidence.
I have a small bowl with some banana in there, the male had some last night, I put some strawberry flavoured calcium powder in it this morning and he licked it again (seemed like he liked that).
My male is about 30cm in length and the female slightly shorter, I have these 2 in a 1.3m enclosure with one 10UV light and a normal globe, river sand as substrate and some artificial plants with a big concrete water bowl, with some decorations and some rocks and logs for decorations, as I didn’t have much time to organise everything this should do for now, as I didn’t bargain on this lol.

Ok if anyone keeps these please any info would be appreciated as I searched the forum for anything and the only info I got was from 2006 and nobody knew what they were.

Thanks in advance

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