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09/29/05 at 22:34Snake: Just great!
09/29/05 at 22:24Snakeyes: These snakes are just amazing.
mini-Sundervals Gartersnake.jpg
Sundervals garter snake09/29/05 at 22:03Snakeyes: Never seen the species before.
mini-Rinkhals banded.jpg
Rinkhals - banded phase09/29/05 at 21:54Snakeyes: This guy has great colour as most I've seen do not...
Rinkhals - shamming death09/29/05 at 21:50Snake: From standing at attention you must get tiered.
mini-Rinkhals black.jpg
Rinkhals09/29/05 at 21:47Snakeyes: Good stance!
Mozambique spitter09/29/05 at 21:36Snakeyes: 1985, Zimbabwe Victoria Falls was almost nailed by...
Horned adder red.jpg
Horned Adder female09/29/05 at 21:29Snakeyes: She is just one hell of a beaut.
mini-Horned adder4.jpg
Horned Adder09/29/05 at 21:23Snakeyes: If only I had the pasionce.
mini-Desert adder.jpg
Desert adder09/29/05 at 21:17Snakeyes: Ultimate hideout, just blends in with it's seround...
Cornuta09/29/05 at 21:07Snakeyes: Another rare species worthwile breading.
mini-Cape coral snake.jpg
Cape Coral snake09/29/05 at 21:03Snake: These little guys always look better than there Am...
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