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mini-Red housesnake head.jpg
Red house snake09/23/05 at 14:02Snakeyes: Is this a colour mutation? Babies are born differe...
mini-Natal Blacksnake.jpg
Natal Black snake09/23/05 at 13:49Snakeyes: Difficalt to feed this snake, any information?
mini-Namib tigersnakes.jpg
Namib Tiger snakes09/23/05 at 13:36Snakeyes: First time I've seen this species, quite impresed.
Yellow banded eyelash viper09/22/05 at 11:59feri: very very very very very very gor jis, damn damn i...
Natal Rock Python caught on a electric fence09/21/05 at 15:35snake-5: shame yet another snake dies by the hands of man m...
09/21/05 at 15:23wesley: wanna sell name your price or trade???
Mex Mex Milk Snakes09/20/05 at 11:39Bushbaby: Wow, They're very much different.
Big spectacled.jpg
Spectacled Cobra at home09/11/05 at 19:48Julie: Some amazing Snakes, love the handling one though
mini-Aurora hatching.jpg
Aurora house snake - hatching09/11/05 at 19:44Julie P: Amazing pics especially the hatching Aurora
Big spectacled.jpg
Spectacled Cobra at home09/02/05 at 22:53Fredster: Now thats a real beaut,where does she come from?
My newest babyboy in my collection09/02/05 at 11:16Bushbaby: Very nice!
Boa shed.jpg
My Boa Boy09/02/05 at 05:43Stefan: im jealos i have like 5 snakes and they under 1 m ...
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